When destiny obliges – A film about H.R.H. The Prince Consort

In this two-piece series we accompany The Danish Prince Consort Henrik, as he visits the places that has shaped his life; we hear about his childhood in Vietnam, how he met his wife and about the challenges, experiences, possibilities and loses that came from marrying the Danish regent-to-be.

Prince Consort Henrik’s closest family, friends and acquaintances engage us in tales about him as a father, husband and a fellow student. They tell us about the character, that has made the people of Denmark both curious and some times offended, but who is also a person that has been recognized for his great work in the Danish business industry, his organizational work, wine production, art and poetry.

In the series we also meet Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Joachim as well as the four grand children Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Nikolaj and Prince Felix.