Ulla Terkelsen in Germany

Germany. The country that many Danes often experience rushing past them in the form of a tightly packed autobahn, as they are headed towards the sun of Southern Europe. The prejudices have free rein – but who are they then, the Germans? Is there really only sauerkraut and currywurst in German pots? And are they really as square and effective that it is impossible to find a German joke, worth laughing at?

Alongside the viewers Ulla Terkelsen, one of Denmark’s best known and most experienced tv-personalities, travels through the country, where she has lived and with which she is more than familiar. She tests the prejudices and is in for a surprise or two her self, as we zoom in on our most important neighbour.

In the series Ulla Terkelsen brings along her friend, German expert Henriette Harris. Together they show the Danes, that Germany has much more to offer than beer, border shopping and bratwurst.