The Art of Printing

’The Art of Printing’ is a reportage consisting of three episodes covering the printing methods of lithography, wood engraving and etching. Throughout each printing technique we follow the work and cooperation between printing specialist and artist from sketch to the finished prints. We get a unique insight behind each of the methods but also the artist’s process and thoughts when working with new materials and techniques.

Lithography is printing with a very special type of stone as the printing surface. In this episode we experiences the artist Michael Kvium and master printer Rasmus Urwald throughout the process of printing 28 huge and complicated pieces of ”Asmodeus Afkom”. We experience the mind of Kvium when he works and learn more about the difficulties and the art that makes lithography.

The etching technique is where the surface of a cobber plate is scratched leaving dentations for the paint to use as printing surface. We follow artist Ragnar Kjartansson as he experiments with this printing technique for the very first time. With master printer Niels Borch Jensen on the side-line we are taught about etching’s many possibilities but also its limitations.

Wood engraving is an ancient technique where the motif is carved into the wood used as printing surface giving the print a rough look. Artist Alexander Tovborg embarks on the massive preliminary work of carving the wood. We experience his ups and downs in the process and the cooperation between Tovborg and master printer Michael Schäfer.