Palestine Marathon – Everyone has the right to freedom of movement

To organize a marathon in what is probably the worlds most inflamed conflict region is quite a struggle. But the two Danish women Signe Fischer Smidt and Lærke Hein take action and embark on organizing a marathon through Bethlehem, Palestine.

They are motivated by the fact that everybody has a fundamental right to move according to the United Nations, however Palestinians are denied of that right everyday. A combined route of 42.195 km for a marathon doesn’t even exist in Palestine because of Israeli checkpoints, roadblocks and a separation wall.

On top of that, the militant Islamic resistance movement Hamas is against Palestinian women participating in the marathon.

Together with some brave local women Signe and Lærke defy all odds and create a life-affirming event in the midst of chaos. This is the story of the first ever marathon in Palestine. A film that gives us hope.