Nina Beier

The New Carlsberg Foundation’s Art Awards are given in recognition of special contributions to the Danish art and museum landscape.  The New Carlsberg Foundation’s Artist Grant is awarded to both Nina Beier and Kathrine Ærtebjerg of DKK 200,000 in year 2021.

From the statement of the New Carlsberg Foundation’s board: “Over the past 15 years, Nina Beier has earned international acclaim. She is one of the Danish contemporary artists who have seen growing recognition abroad, while we in Denmark have been a little slow to appreciate her originality and high artistic level. Today, Nina Beier is recognized for a practice on a high international level that contributes to developing sculpture as an art form. Her works show a keen sense of the quirky, the humorous and critical curiosity, and her practice serves as an inspiration and a reminder that art is different from everything else we know.”