A portrait of Kathrine Ærtebjerg – The Eye, Hole and Heaven

Painter Kathrine Ærtebjerg aims towards the spontaneous, the poetic, the emotional and the crooked that comes to show, when she creates her works without letting herself put to much thought to it. Her paintings posses both childlike elements and darkness which combined is to express a grown woman’s experiences.

In this documentary portrait of the artist, we step closer to Kathrine Ærtebjergs creations in her studio as well as during the decoration of the stairway in Brandts Klædefabrik. Her works are taking shape right in front of us, as Kathrine Ærtebjerg evokes beings from her own imaginary world on the white canvas. We learn about her inspiration from works of other artists, from body, sex and not least about what underlie the peculiar light in her paintings.